Welcome to the next part in the Designer to deal series, in which I show you where to score the latest trends established by designers at a fraction of the cost. My first part in this series focused on camouflage. My next obsession is full skirts.

Like many women, I’ve always been fascinated by the glamorous look of the 1950s. One of my favorite pieces of that era is the full skirt, so when the style made a comeback earlier this year, I was thrilled.The full skirt first started popping up on fall runways and on popular fashion blogs. It’s known as Tibi‘s “signature skirt” and the brand has many gorgeous variations. The look has now been done by many other brands including Cynthia Rowley and alice + olivia.

This is probably one of my favorite trends of the year because it’s so sophisticated and unique. At the same time, it’s also versatile and comfortable. With its a-line design, a full skirt highlights a small waist and makes your legs look longer. This is a trend I don’t see going away soon.

Thankfully, full skirts are now available at stores and on websites college students can afford. Perhaps the best one I’ve found yet is this one from ASOS. With such a classic pattern and a price of under $30, how could you go wrong? I also love this H&M skirt with texture and a bold red color, priced at about $50.

Retailers from across the pond are joining in on the full-skirt fun, too. Choies calls the style a “midi skater skirt,” and their full skirts are more traditional. This red one looks exquisite and is priced at just $22.99. It’s also available in green. The shipping for U.K. retailers might cost you a bit, but you’re still getting a deal.

Since full skirts originated decades ago, it’s likely that you can find them in thrift stores. I’ve even seen a few in Goodwill! You can also check out vintage sellers or even hand-me-downs from older women in your family. Whichever way you find a full skirt, you’re guaranteed to look classic and chic.