Over the last few years, camouflage has become a closet staple, with some even describing it as a neutral print. I’ve never been a big fan of the print; it made me feel as if I were going hunting or heading out to war. However, camouflage recently received a makeover on the runways of Fashion Month. Designers and fashion houses like ValentinoChristopher Kane and Alexander McQueen showcased luxury takes on the now-classic pattern.

I’ll admit that camouflage’s new place in fashion has converted me. Of course, I don’t have the money to shell out for these pieces. Still, even if I could afford them, I’m not sure I’m ready to wear camouflage so boldly just yet. As a new convert, I think I’ll start out slowly.

So, what’s a girl to do? Find some accessories. The perfect solution? Shoes!

A pair of shoes is an easy way to incorporate a new element into your wardrobe. Between heels, sneakers and flats, the options are endless and the prices are usually doable. With affordable options like those of Forever 21 and Express, I can try out camouflage at a low risk. Next time you want to try a new style, consider shoes first!