As a lip-color junkie, I have been lusting over Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars at Sephora for a while now. Lip Tars are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks that come in a wide range of colors – everything from pinks and reds to unconventional colors like yellow and blue! OCC Lip Tars are also 100 percent vegan, made without harmful ingredients like parabens or sulfates. Each tube comes with a brush, and just one small drop on the brush will work for your entire lips and last you hours.

So, with all these benefits, it is no wonder Lip Tars cost $18 each. That is more than many are willing to spend on a tube of lipstick, no matter how long it lasts. I always compare the price to what I could spend on other products, like a new top or some meals. Still, I was considering paying full price for this glorious product – until I was scrolling through my Instagram feed today.  A new post from OCC’s official account announced a new set of four smaller-sized Lip Tars at Sephora, priced at only $20!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics All-Star Mini x 4 Set. Photo Credit: Sephora USA Inc.

I immediately went to the Sephora website to order the set. On the homepage, I noticed a new promotion titled ‘Beauty Fall,’ where customers can enter their email every day until Oct. 24 to receive a random reward, like free shipping or 10 percent off an online order. I received 10 percent off my online order, which shaved $2 off the set. With this discount and a $10 gift card I had previously acquired, my entire order (including three free samples, tax and the cost of shipping) came out to just $15.39!

As compared to $18 for one of these products, $15.39 is a bargain. This is a great example of using the saving methods I write about in this blog in everyday life. With the help of social media, promotions and a little patience, I scored four OCC Lip Tars for less than the price of one. The Lip Tars’ high-quality pigmentation will last me a long time, and the variety of colors in the set will give me a number of options. I hope this example inspires you to save on your own favorite products.